Zrada is:

(Listed by General Eyebrow Bushiness as at 02/07/13)

  • Alex Derlago: bass guitar

  • Mikhas Chabluk: violin, vocals

  • Andrijko Semaniuk: accordion, vocals

  • Nick Luchak: drums, percussion

  • Andriy Michalchyshyn: vocals, trumpet, guitar

  • Dobryan Tracz: guitar, vocals

Past members (in good standing):

  • Steve Sirski: drums, percussion

  • Taras Babiak: bass guitar

Zrada unleashes Legend.

Everyone loves a good story.

For generations we have sat around the fire listening to tales, myths, and legends - captivated by stories that spur imagination and wonder. With their follow-up to 2011's Ethnomachina - Zrada takes you through interwoven tales of love, loss, invasion, anger, and hope told in their unique Eastern European ethno-fused punk style.

Like the fire around which these stories were told, the songs on Legend are energetic, mysterious & intoxicating. With intricate melodies, complex progressions, emotional energy, and raw power, Zrada's Legend is the next step in the band's evolution of melding heritage, elegance, and intensity.

A Sinless Life opens Legend with a groovy Balkan melody evoking the contradictions and futility of living a life without risks. The groove continues with the darkness of Black Mountain and the reggae reminiscence of 8 Years, before kicking into fan-favourite Solomiya with its punk-ska harmonies. Channelling their love and respect of thrash metal, Zrada's treatment of the Lemko folk song The Scythe and Black Sabbath's War Pigs fuses Eastern European melodies with the impact of a ten-ton hammer. The Falcon's Question channels the wandering Kozak minstrels of old, in a story of the loss on the battlefield. Zrada tackles the current war in Eastern Ukraine in Moscow in my House; a song about uninvited "guests" who steal, destroy, and don't seem to want to leave.

Legend also includes a few pillars from Zrada's famously rowdy live shows, finally recorded, including the solemn By the Lviv Castle and dance floor ska track Marijchka.

Come all and gather around the fire. Become immersed in Legend.

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