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What is Zrada's music like? Well take a large pot and throw in:

1 cup Ukrainian folk music
1 cup punk
1/2 cup metal
1/2 cup reggae
3 litres battery acid
1 litre of your best samohonka
100 grams of campfire ashes
200 grams of performance enhancing steroids

and voila! You have the music of Zrada!
Wild yet beautiful. Expressive yet subtle. Heavy yet harmonic.

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Vikter reminisces:

"I first heard of Zrada during the Third Reconcilliation of the Last of the Meketrex Supplicants.

They chose a new form for them - that of a giant Sloar! Many Shubs and Zulls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of a Sloar that day, I can tell you."

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Also available at ITUNES and YEVSHAN

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    Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre
    184 Alexander Ave.
    Winnipeg, MB
    t: 204.942.0218
    Email Oseredok.


    Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Store
    103-211 Bannatyne Ave.
    Winnipeg, MB
    t: 204.231.1377
    Email the Store.


    Into The Music
    245 McDermot Ave.
    Winnipeg, MB
    t: 204.287.8279
    Email Into The Music.


    Ukrainian Bookstore
    10215-97 St.
    Edmonton, AB
    t: 1.866.422.4255
    Email Bookstore.


    Ukrainian Museum of Canada
    910 Spadina Cres. East
    Saskatoon, SK
    Email Museum.


    Koota Ooma Ukrainian Books
    842 The Queensway
    Etobicoke, ON
    t: 416.762.2112



    (LP) 2016

    Zrada returns with 6 furious tracks of Eastern European insanity! This album tastes like blown circuits, vodka, cigarettes, explosions, the slaughterhouse floor and sweet, sweet freedom.

    Purchase the album starting July 22nd!

  • ethnomachina

    (EP) 2011

    Zrada returns with 6 furious tracks of Eastern European insanity! This album tastes like blown circuits, vodka, cigarettes, explosions, the slaughterhouse floor and sweet, sweet freedom. Read reviews! Ethnomachina - Zrada

  • zrada

    (LP) 2009

    Zrada's debut album is a wild mixture of traditional Ukrainian music fused with ska, punk and metal. Furious drumbeats, heavy guitars, gentle violins and blazing trumpets combine for an intense listening experience. This is ethno-fusion at its finest! Read reviews! Zrada - Zrada

  • return of the wagon

    (EP) 2006

    Cut from the same cloth as Taras Bulba's luckiest underwear, ROTW will hitch you onto the back of a crazy train and take you on a dangerous ride through rabid forests, gypsy bazaars, and forlorn hinterlaands, and spit you right into the bachelor lair of the Wabadingo, the caverns of which oddly resemble the former soviet submarine base at Balaclava. OUT OF PRINT.


In The News

Zrada 2.0: Expect Rye Bread and Vodka Shots - Winnipeg Free Press (1/10/2013)

Folk rockers Zrada look beyond Ukrainian roots - CBC Manitoba SCENE (1/5/2011)

Loud, Proud, No Polkas Allowed" - Winnipeg Free Press (1/12/2010)

Goodbye For Now..." - UPTOWN Magazine (7/14/2011)


  • Ethnomachina

    UPTOWN Magazine

    Anarchy in the Ukraine. On Song is Yours, ethno-fusion band Zrada mixes Slavic melodies with the Sex Pistols, even borrowing the main riff of God Save the Queen. Thanks to Gogol Bordello, gypsy punk is nothing new, but Zrada's take on the traditional is just as genuine. Vocalist Andriy Michalchyshyn only sings in Ukrainian but don't worry about a language barrier: it's Zrada's infectious immigrant punk that does the real talking, and the volatile mix of violin, horns, accordion, punk percussion and electric guitar works. The dynamic band is on hiatus, but here's hoping there's a future in Zrada's dreamland.


    - Jared Story

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  • Ethnomachina

    Winnipeg Free Press

    IT is unclear as of this writing if Winnipeg, or rather the world, will ever again enjoy the raucous and roof-raising antics of Ukrainian musical bad boys Zrada. As they journey off into the sunset on their assorted life paths they leave us with the action-packed Ethnomachina, one of the finest independent releases of the year, so far. Like their previous self-titled album, this set expands their on their ingenious fusion of ethno-cultural music, specifically Balkan and Slavic melodies fused with the old-school punk-rock energy and set to a raging boil.

    With everything sung in Ukrainian, Ethnomachina will be leaving most of us in the dark as to what all the fuss is about, but suffice to say there is a first-rate mix of high energy, dance-frenzy up-tempo tracks as well as a couple of crying-over-spilled-vodka ballads.

    It all blends perfectly and the addition of the weird Sex Pistols mash-up, Song Is Yours, is the proverbial sour cream on the perogy.


    - Jeff Monk

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  • Zrada

    Winnipeg Free Press

    With the current popularity of so-called gypsy-punk music and touring combos like Gogol Bordello, it makes sense that our city -- with Ukrainians making up 15 per cent of the population -- would have a band with a repertoire based on its ethnic ancestry. This youthful Ukrainian sextet's debut has just the right amount of cultural tang mixed with enough rocking gusto to make both you and your Baba want to fill up on oniony, fried perogies, plump holopchi and garlicky kielbasa and polka around the room.

    Everything is in Ukrainian so we can't tell what leader Andriy Michalchyshyn is on about, but it doesn't take a linguist to understand the persuasive vibe behind superb tunes like Give Me Liquor and The Cliff!

    The mix of traditional violin, flute and trumpet next to Dobryan Tracz's near-metal guitar riffs is invigorating without sounding the least bit trendy.


    - Jeff Monk

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  • Zrada

    Stylus Magazine

    Formed in 2005, local act Zrada Cultural Academy is an earth-shattering mix of traditional Ukrainian folk, metal, ska and punk rock. Held together by soulful Balkan and Slavic melodies leading into epic guitar shreds, Zrada's album is 16 tracks of harmonious majesty, intricately crafted with raucous rock attitude. Beginning with the introductory question, "Who Was Born In?" Zrada moves into "Give Me Liquor" a lament about excess. Songs like "Dark Skies" and "Quick Waters" are melodically grandiose, while songs like "Parade" and "In the Woods is a Path" are fantastic forays into fantasy metal. One of the best cuts "The Young Writer" begins with a punk rock opening before diving into a funk section, all the while held together with traditional dance sensibilities. Although the entire album is entirely in Ukrainian, you don't have to have a command of the Slavic language to enjoy it immensely. Mark my words, this album is absolutely incredible and a fitting testament to Winnipeg's incredible music scene and rich Ukrainian history.

    - Kent Davies

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